What is independent self advocacy?

Making up your own mind about things and being responsible for yourself and your own actions.

Being seen as a power in your own right
Speaking up for yourself.

Getting results for yourself.

Being free from people telling you what to do (public bodies and parents for instance)

How I want my life to be!
Being in charge.
Setting the agenda.

Being yourself – an individual

Independent self advocacy is part of a larger movement towards civil rights and equality

not service providers setting up a group and running in the name of people with learning disabilities

not controlled by someone else.

Independence doesn’t mean we have to do everything ourselves. Sometimes we need help and support. That’s alright. What independence means in self advocacy is that people with learning disabilities go in the direction they want to go in.

At People First we decide for ourselves what is important to us. We decide what we want and what we need to do to stand up for our own rights in our own way.

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