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Our Annual Report 2017-2018. 


Our Annual Report 2017-2018 is now availible to read.  This year has been financilly challenging but each time we managed to make it through to another year.  This is because our supporter now works with us on a voluntary basis.  As we get more work we do not have the money to recruit more staff.  We have still managed to produce our accessible Magazine every three months. 

Annual Report 2017-2018

 Which we hope gives people lots of good information important to their lives.  We would still like to have information as to where  to reach people with learning difficulties.  Since services closed down it has been difficult to contact people with learning dificulties.


York People First continue to offer training at both Universities.  At York University we work with learning disability nurses offering training around communication and advocacy.  We work on a simililar topics with social work students.  We also work with Student Midwives talking about people with learning difficulties.  At York St John we work with Occuptional Therapy Students.  This year we worked with the American Students.  As a topic we chose to make a American healthy meal.    They chose American Pancakes.  It was great fun.  Also it was the 40th Anniversary of the Occupational Therapy Courses at York St John.  We were invited to join in with the Celebrations. 

Training Team



Highlights of the year include we did some training with some people with learning difficulties for a Company called Avalon around Hate Crime, worked with Healthwatch to deliver a Conference about the Health of People with learning difficulties, worked with some people from flying futures to make a game about keeping safe.  We also invited them to join in a drama session.  

At The Avalon Conference


A big project we worked on this year with North Yorkshire Police is We Care.  The We Care scheme looks to provide a sense of of safety and independance.  The Scheme only operates in the York Area only at the moment  You can view the Annual Report Here.  Click Here 



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