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The Importance of Health Action Plans:

By Abi Brazell

Student Nurse on placement with York People First 

Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at our Health action Plans, and getting them updated. It has helped us to understand our health better, learnt about medication and tablets that we are taking. We have made sure that people’s health is OK before going on trips, so this includes going to see specialist.  We have been made aware of how long we are on medication for, so for a short period of time or for the rest of our lives. We have also been able to look at what we are eating and change what we eat. This has been especially important for people who are diabetic, as they need to be more careful with what they eat.


Whilst looking at them we have found some important things that we think everyone should be aware of.


  1. Make sure you know the side effects of your medication.

~       Although the print is small, on some tablet leaflets there is now a number that you can phone to get it in a larger readable size.

~       If you are not sure ask your doctor or nurse.

~       You could even go into your local chemist and ask.

~       Failing this, you could also ask someone to type them up bigger or create a picture format.

~       Before you leave any appointment make sure that you are aware of the side effects of new medication; that includes creams.



  1. Make sure you know what your tablets interact with.

~       Your doctor or nurse may not be fully aware and so if you have concerns you should raise them with your doctor.

~       Some tablets can have nasty reactions with other tablets.

~       We have found that diabetic tablets can interact with other tablets, so you need to be more aware.



  1. Have a review of your medication.

~       Along with having your annual health check, your doctor or nurse should be checking and changing your medication.

~       Some medications you should only be on for a short period of time, unless you are otherwise told.

~       You should be asked how you think you are getting on with your medication.



  1. The doctor or nurse should be asking you how you feel in yourself.

~       This means are you feeling sad, happy, angry or you don’t feel like yourself at certain times.

~       The doctor can give you medication to help with how you feel.

~       Mental Health is just as important as your Physical Health and should not be over looked.



  1. Make sure you are getting help with any concerns that you have.

~       You can ask for advice about anything, whether it be healthy eating, your sleeping pattern or health concerns.

~       Always raise your concerns, it is better to raise your worries than sit in a corner and worry.


One of the biggest things that we have learnt from doing this is that you should know what is happening with your health and of you don’t know something them you should and can ask and find out.


We have uploaded a copy of the Health Action Plan to here, so if you would like a copy you can download and print this. You can always ask your personal assistants or someone else to help you fill it in. Once it is filled in you can take it to all your appointments so that you can have a record of your visit and look back at what was said and what treatment or medication was given or changed.


If you need any help with this, you can always contact us for help or advice and we will try to help. 

Health action plan PDF 

Andy’s 9 years living in his flat.


Andy celebrates 9 years this year since he moved into his new flat in New Earswick.  Andy moved in on January 1 2003.  When Andy moved into his flat on January 1 2003 he felt very happy  Andy said “People kept putting barriers in when I was in residential care”.  “It has been very hard with my personal assistants to say what I want to do”.  “I have had problems with the hours support for the evening but not for the day time”.

“I find if hard to say what I want and I do not want to put people down”.  “My reading has really come on”.  “I am now reading my letters”.  Andy used to bring his letters to York People First.


“I am now confident on public transport (Buses and Trains)”.  Andy went from York to Edinburgh on the train on his own.  Andy’s independance has grown he can do his washing/cooking and cleaning.


Andy can now make his own appoitments like doctors.  “I get a big support from York People First”.  “I will not go back to residenrial care”.  “My family was putting barriers in about me moving”.  “My doctor and York People First helped me move”.

Shaun’s New CD.

On Monday 10 October 2011 Shaun recorded his first CD. Bill Gilpin and Shaun warmed up before John arrived to set everything up in his living room.  He had large headphones and a microphone next to his rocking chair.  Shaun did two takes of the songs.  The recording took two hours.  It was a fantastic day.  Shaun felt he was on X Factor.  The CD is availible to buy from the York People First Office priced £5.00.  The money from the CD sales will be shared between Shaun and York People First.


Here is some feeback from people who have bought the CD


“Great night I have just checked my e-mails on my computer listening to Shaun’s songs”.  “Shaun’s CD is fantastic it is well worth buying a copy”.  “The CD is availible to buy at York People First priced £5.00″ – Michael.


“Makes us happy” – Andy.


“Like together we are strong” – Martin


“Makes me feel good” – Martin.


“Its really good, has a soothing voice” – Becca.


“Like I feel falling in Love, makes me dance” – Kate.


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