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Thank You From York People First. 


Just to let everyone know York People First will be leaving the Office at the ECO Centre next week - 31 July.  All the Trustees would like to say a big thank you to everyone for all their support over the years.  We will be still meeting up to complete our Parents with Learning Disabilities Project. 

Thank You So Much


Equalities Peer Challenge. 


City of York Council are being assessed on Wednesday 21st January 2015 by the Local Govenment Association on equalities peer Challenge they are at the moment an achieving level, they want to be an excellent council in equalities.  Follow this link to read our views.  Click Here

Mate Crime

At the mate crime conference in Selby on 23 June 2011 we watched some drama from Rotherham about mate crime. Mate crime is when you think someone is your mate but is not your mate. We saw a man in his flat and someone moved in portending to be his friend. Mate crime is when someone portends to help you but takes things like money from you. His friend read his pin number and took his money using his pin number.

How do you know if a friend is a friend?

A friend is someone you trust and helps you.

How would you recognize if someone is being affected by mate crime?

What would you do if mate crime is happening to you?

1 – Tell the police.
2 – Tell your safeguarding team.
3 – Use a 3rd party reporting Centre.

Are you aware of any 3rd party Reporting Centre’s in your area?

Anyone can reganize if someone is being affected by mate crime.

They can be.

1 – Family members
2 – Support Workers
3 – A&E Staff
4 – Real Friends
5 – Neighbours
6 – Someone who knows the person well

What would you do if someone you know is being affected by mate crime?

People can be affected by mate crime on the computer on sites like Facebook and twitter.

What would you do to make yourself safe while you are online on the computer?

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