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All our training sessions are led by people with learning difficulties. During the session al the trainers express their thoughts and ideas based on thir own lives.

We use an experienced drama practitioner to make our stories into something 'Smart' and real life. We work with both large and small groups and talor our sessions to meet the needs of your organisation,

Please see below some of the topics we can confidently deliver training in.









Learning Disability Training 

This is a training session at which attendees will     come away with a much better understanding of     what it means to have a learning difficulty.

This training is ideally suitable for anybody or   group who wish to know more about people with learning difficulties.


Some of the key parts of this session would include:

  • A recent history of people with learning difficulties, how the self advocacy movement began, and the progress that has been made through the white paper 'Valuing people'. 
  • Our team will perform their piece of drama,'The Seven Deadly Sins' which highlights some of the barriers that people with learning difficulties face such as jargon, token gesture, money and labels. 
We ensure there is plenty of interaction between the team and the people taking part in the sessions and there is plenty of time for you to ask your own questions.

Comments about the training......

"It was good hearing stories about how people feel" Chole Hawell - Options for supported living.

"The training was a real eye opener, great to actually hear the opinions from the people affected." Amy Bell - Options for supported living

"The theatre piece really gets you thinking about how society view people with learning difficulties." Charlotte Bolton - O.T Student


This training session is apt for any organisation or company who wish to improve their staff communication skills. We are aware that it is hard for people to be independent, make choices, know your rights and feel you belong when you can't communicate.

Some of the key points of this training are: 
  • We really enjoy this and is one of our team's favorite exercises, it is very interactive. 
  • You will learn diffrent ways to communicate and maybe even learn to sing and sign a song.
  • How difffrent word mean diffrent things to diffrent people.
  • We include PowerPoints and course material to take away but the training session is very interactive, and from our previous attendees experience, good fun!
Comments about the training......  

"I like the way all the group members presented information in an accessible and engaging way." Anita Dobson - York Council Staff
"I thought it was good that they used real life examples and anecdotes." Joe Ashton - York council Staff
"Very straight forward, accessible and creative." Suzanne Wheelaghan- York council staff


Self advocacy is at the very heart of our organisation, and its what we are all about. Self advocacy has become a well established need for people with a learning difficulty. Due to their unique circumstances and difficulties people with a learning difficulty require a strong voice and repersentations like other minority groups in society.
During this session we will:
  • Explore the history of the self advocacy movement.
  • Look at the current situation with regard to Self advocacy.
  • Using our unique drama and group work we will challenge some perceptions about self advocacy.  
Comments about the training......

Great experience! Excellent day filled with knowledge. Its great to be shown what self advocacy should be. Thankyou!" - Student Nurse

"The experience was really enjoyable and i learnt more about self advocacy and how you all work together." - Student Nurse

Parents with Learning Disabilities

Two members of our training team are mums with learning difficulties, and one of
our mums is now a Grandma! 
Last year we worked with a couple who were not successful in keeping their daughter.
This training session is ideal for students, midwifes or social workers, 
During this session you will: 
  • What it feels like to lose your child because you have a label. 
  • We will perform a piece of drama called 'Claires story' where you will experience a personal story and Claire herself will answer your questions.
  • Enjoy group work that will help to plan how you might work with parents who have a learning difficulty. 
  • As always there is plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing information. 
Comments about the training......

"Thankyou very much for doing your drama presentation at the conference (especially Claire for sharing her story.) Everybody (and i mean everybody) who filled in a feedback form thought you were great." Austin - Change

"Very useful, great last lecture - FAB!" - Third year Nursing Student 

"Interactive fun - Thakyou!" - Third year Nursing Student

"Really interesting to hear about peoples own experience. Thankyou for being so honest." - Third year Nursing student

Community Education Tutors Awareness Training 

We have delivered a number of training sessions to staff employed within both North Yorkshire County Council and areas as far afield as Luton. The training was to support staff to develop their knowledge and skills when working with people with learning difficulties. 
During this training you will: 
  • Challenge ideas about people with learning difficulties. 
  • Learn some of the barriers that exist for people with learning difficulties by our performances of the 'Seven Deadly Sins' such as labels, Token gestures, jargon and money. 
  • You will learn some of the ideas people with a learnign difficult have about the things they need to learn to become independent. 
  • We encourage working in groups, and will be tasked to write course meal planning, first aid becoming a mum and moving into your own home ETC. 
  • The sessions will be very interactive and lead to much discussion. 
Comments about the training......

"Fantastic opportunity to work, discuss and listen to the views of those with diffuculties." 

"I had no idea about what it must be like for someone with such needs, this training has helped me develop my own understanding."

Hate Crime Awareness

These sessions have been delivered to young people in Secondry School. 
Young people will learn how hurtful it can be to be teased and called names, we will also look at more serious crimes. 
This is suitable for any Community group, or other groups that work with the police. 
Some of the things you will learn from this session: 
  • What is Hate crime? 
  • Study cases where people have suffered Hate crime.
  • York People First will perform a drama about Hate Crime.
  • Group work and discussion around keeping people safe.
Disability Awareness Accreditation

York People First created their 3 A's award to promote equal opportunities and to challenge perceptions of what people with a learning difficulty can and can't do. To qualify for the accreditation, organisations must engage in awareness training which highlight the progress that has been made to date, demonstrate some of the barriers that people with learning difficulties still face, and share their hopes for the future.

To qualify for the 'York People First AAA award' participants wil need to show real engagement and willingness to learn.
Get ready to have your perceptions challenged, to debate, to be provoked and leave feeling inspired!
For an on-site training session to qualify for the accresitation costs £800 which contributes towards the running of the charity and the cost of the trainers.

Employing Personal Assistants

Several members of the training team have direct payments and employ their own personal assistants. Their personal experiences have been good and bad and we would like to sharethat knowledge and those experiences with you.
The session is designed for helping people who commision training to be aware of the training ned of personal assistants. People first can also do an awareness training for new personal assistants.
Recently two of out team worked for the Norah Fry Research Centre in Bristol for two years, and wrote a book called Training Personal Assistants which we intend to give new personal assistants to supplement our training.
Some of the things you will learn from the session are:
  • The role of a personal assistant. 
  • Health and healthy eating. 
  • The ideas people with learning difficulties have about the things they nees to learn to help become independent. 
  • Seeing a performance of their piece of drama, 'The Seven Deadly Sins' highlighting some of the barriers people with  learning difficulties face.      





"It was good hearing stories about how people feel" Chole Hawell - Options for supported living.

"The training was a real eye opener, great to actually hear the opinions from the pe affected." Amy Bell - Options for supported living

"The theatre piece really gets you thinking about how society view people with learning difficulties." Charlotte Bolton - O.T Student
olton - O.T Student
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