Who we are York People First

Who we are

The Trustees of York People First are all people with a learning difficulty. They manage People First and its finances.

Becca Cooper

Becca CooperMy name is Becca Cooper I am the chairperson and I have been at York People First for 10 years. I was on the National Forum for people with learning difficulties for 4 years. I have also worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists helping to set standards for people with learning disabilities. York People First then made these standards accessible. I am on the Care Quality Commission Advisory board for people with learning disabilities. I have been living in my own bungalow for 6 years now. What self advocacy means to me is what I want to do is to speak up for myself and help other people to do the same and to work in a team.

Andy Pollin

Andy PollinI have been a Trustee at York people First for six years. I am the Treasurer of York people First which l do in partnership with a Volunteer. I have been living in my own flat for 13 years. I have Direct payments and employ my own staff. I helped write a training pack called Training Your Personal Assistants. Being part of York People First helps me to be strong and to feel confident.

Shaun Lavery

Shaun LaveryI am the Vice Chairperson of York People First.  One of the reasons why I like coming to York People First is because I really believe in people having rights and choices in their lives. Not long after I joined People First I was invited, with them, to a barbecue. I got a bit ‘worse for wear’ and, quite rightly, my friends rang the residential home. The staff at the home were pretty mad with me and I was barred from York People First for a week. This led to my decision to leave the residential home and I moved into my own flat on the 3rd March 2003. It’s the best decision I ever made. I feel l have learnt so much just by coming to People First. I hope to go on coming to People First for a long time yet.

Kate Hardcastle

Kate HardcastleI was elected as a trustee at the Annual General Meeting in the summer of 2011 at the beginning of July. l like working in the office and enjoy being part of the training team. I live independently and want be what I want. I think its great employing my own staff. I love belonging to Once Seen Theatre Company because l love doing drama. I really think self advocacy is important and that people can speak up for themselves.

Martin Lee

Martin LeeI am a trustee of York People First and am interested in bullying and fundraising. l take the work of York People First very seriously. Sometimes people make big barriers for people with learning disabilities and make it hard for people to speak up. You feel safe to talk about anything at York People First. It is very important that people with learning disabilities have choices, not everyone does. Sometimes its hard to make people with learning disabilities realise they do have rights.

Julie Good

Julie GoodMy name is Julie Good and I am a trustee of York People First. I’m engaged to Peter. I work at Sainsburys three days a week packing bags. I like to go on holiday to Tenerife. People First helps me to speak up for myself.  I am the Secretary of York People First

Phil Scott

Phil ScottMy name is Phil and I’m a Trustee of York People First. I like speaking up for people with learning disabilities. I work at Brunswick Organic Nurseries, i’ve been there a long time. I work in the walled garden. We grow plants to sell and have a large greenhouse. It’s really important that people with learning disabilities speak up. We also give people a lot of information.

Michael Scott

Michael ScottI joined York People First in January 2010 when I moved house from Tadcaster to York. I was a member of Voices for People in Selby from 2007 to 2009. I am very good at travelling to places on my own. I went to Bruges in 2010 and Amsterdam in 2011 on my own on the ferry.  I was elected Trustee of York People First in the summer of 2011 at the AGM. 

I am a season ticket holder at York City Football Club. I like being involved in the training sessions at York People First.  At the start of 2014 I moved into my own Flat. 


Eileen Strouigair

I would like more responsibilities to help friends out.  I help Shaun out regularaly.  Eilleen started at York People First in 2010.  I got into York People First whenI was living with Becca Cooper.   I joined Once Seen Theatre Company after Christmas.  I am the secretary of York People First.  


Claire Dobson.

York People First

I am a Trustee.  I like learning about how to speak up for people.  I am in Once Seen Theatre Company and enjoy doing the drama.  I am a Mum and support parents with learning disabilities.  I like coming to York People to support my friends.  I enjoy doing the training work with York People First.  I like socialising with my friends. 

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