About us

We are the only organisation in York with a management board of trustees that are all people with learning difficulties.

Becca Cooper

My name is Becca Cooper I am the chairperson of York People First. I was on the National Forum for people with learning difficulties for 4 years. I have also worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists helping to set standards for people with learning disabilities. York People First then made these standards accessible. I was also on the Care Quality Commission Advisory board for people with learning disabilities. I live independently. What I want to do is to speak up for myself and help other people to do the same and to work in a team.

Andy Pollin

I am the Treasurer of York people First. I have lived in my own flat for 18 years. I helped write a training pack called Training Your Personal Assistants. Being part of York People First helps me to be strong and to feel confident.

Julie Good

My name is Julie Good and I am a trustee of York People First. People First helps me to speak up for myself.  I am the Secretary of York People First

Phil Scott

My name is Phil and I’m a Trustee of York People First. I like speaking up for people with learning disabilities. I work at Brunswick Organic Nurseries, I’ve been there a long time. I work in the walled garden. We grow plants to sell and have a large greenhouse. It’s really important that people with learning disabilities speak up. We also give people a lot of information.

Michael Scott

I joined York People First in January 2010 when I moved house from Tadcaster to York. I was a member of Voices for People in Selby from 2007 to 2009. I am very good at travelling to places on my own. I went to Bruges in 2010 and Amsterdam in 2011 on my own on the ferry. I am a season ticket holder at York City Football Club. I like being involved in the training sessions at York People First.  At the start of 2014 I moved into my own Flat. 

Eileen Strouigair

I would like more responsibilities to help friends out.  I help Shaun out regularly.  Eileen started at York People First in 2010.  I got into York People First when I was living with Becca Cooper.   I joined Once Seen Theatre Company after Christmas.  I am the secretary of York People First.

Claire Dobson.

I am the Vice Chair of York People First. I like learning about how to speak up for people.  I am in Once Seen Theatre Company and enjoy doing the drama.  I am a Mum and support parents with learning disabilities.  I like coming to York People to support my friends.  I enjoy doing the training work with York People First.  I like socialising with my friends. 

Laura Humpfrey

I joined York People First as a trustee in 2021. I am part of Once Seen Theatre Company where I do drama, I play Boccia at Accomb Bowls and go to Door 84 in The Groves. I am interested in history and are part of a history club. I live independently. I think it is important that people speak out and change things for the better.

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